Elder McKinley B. Johnson, Sr., Pastor of St. Johns COGIC Albany NY.  He was born on June 14, 1937 in Albany NY to the founder of St. Johns COGIC, the late Supt. John “Jack”, better known as, “Brother Jack”, and Missionary Dorothy Johnson. His parents molded his early

childhood in the ways of the Lord.

As a child in the 1940’s, Elder McKinley actively participated in religious activities at THE 2ND CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST, Albany NY, pastured by the late Elder C. H. Parsons Sr.  As a child he participated in a variety of community youth organizations.  At the age of 14, Elder McKinley had a spiritual encounter with God.  


In Junior, and senior high schools Elder McKinley became involved in music and oratorical pursuits.  All of these activities played key roles in his later church experiences.  In 1957, at a great Youth Crusade meeting, held at Wilbourne’s Temple COGIC, under the convicting preaching of Elder John Lawrence of Jersey City, NJ, Elder McKinley had an earth-shaking spiritual awakening, which changed his life forever.  He received the Baptism in the Holy

Ghost  on May 10, 1957.

In the 50’s Elder McKinley was instrumental in drawing over 40 young adults to his father’s church.   He organized a Gospel choir that traveled throughout the Northeast.  He became the Youth Leader, and the Sunday School Superintendent at ST. JOHNS COGIC.  Later on he was appointed District Minister of Music by Bishop William Wilborne for the UPPER HUDSON DISTRICT Churches of God In Christ for Eastern NY COGIC Jurisdiction.  In the late 50’s and the 60’s, Elder McKinley Johnson became the spokesman for the The Youth Circle, (a youth organization founded by his father, Elder John Johnson), the Street Marches for Christ coordinator, and the organizer of the “Commandos For Christ”.  Elder McKinley was a counselor for the “Young Life” youth organization, a street corner preacher, and a door-to-door evangelist. He has traveled for over 50 years conducting revivals and seminars.  He conducted radio broadcasts in the 1960’s and the 1990’s.

In 1957 Elder McKinley married his childhood sweetheart, the vivacious, spiritually anointed “LADY SUE JOHNSON”.  He says that, after God, Lady Sue, his wife for almost 52 years, is the best thing that ever happened to him.  Elder McKinley and Lady Sue, has traveled throughout the United States for the past 40 years, conducting marriage and family enrichment seminars. As a testimony of their love for one another, and their commitment to God, all 6 of their children are born-again believers, and extremely active in the ministry of the Lord.  Their three sons are ordained Elders in the COGIC.                        

In 1971, Bishop Leroy Anderson appointed Elder McKinley to be the Jurisdictional President of “THE YOUTH ACTIVITIES DEPT.”, for Western NY Churches of God in Christ.  In 1972 Elder McKinley he organized “THE YOUTH EXPLOSION”, and for 34 years, it was the premiere YOUTH CONFERENCE east of the Mississippi river.  It brought together

thousands of youth annually from across America.

In 1998 Elder McKinley was appointed Northeast Regional Director for the National Youth Dept. of THE CHURCHES OF GOD IN CHRIST.  In 2009 he was appointed Sr. Advisor to the COGIC National Youth President.

In December 2000 he was appointed Sr. Pastor of St. Johns COGIC.  He founded the ST. JOHNS COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION.  It provides free lunches for the community, after school and mentoring services for school age youngsters, a homeless prevention program, and hopefully in the future, housing for homeless and transitional persons.

In November 2004, Elder McKinley was appointed District Supt. of the Tech Valley District in Albany NY for NYW#1 COGIC.

Elder McKinley retired in 1991 at the age of 53 from NYS after 25 YEARS as Supervisor of Volunteer Services for the Dept of Corrections, and Sr. Personal Administrator for The Division For Youth, to work full time for the Lord.  He graduated from SUNYA with honors, and has competed 65 credits towards his Master of Divinity degree at MID-AMERICA BAPTIST SEMINARY in Schenectady NY.

Supt. McKinley is a community advocate.  In the early 1970’s, he helped mediate the conflict between the Albany Board of Education and the Black students at Phillip Schuyler High School.  He conducted Voter Registration Drives for the Urban league and the Black Churches in Albany NY.  He was one of ten persons chosen to represent Albany NY at the President’s Summit on Youth in Philadelphia, Pa., under the direction of President Bill Clinton.  He was instrumental in establishing THE ALBANY AFRICAN AMERICAN CLERY FOR ENPOWERMENT organization.  He is a Board member of several Community Organizations.  He is the recipient of numerous community awards.  In the Capitol District area he is known as “PASTOR MAC”, and “MR. CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST”.  Recently he was nominated for an Honorary Doctor of Divinity.

Superintendent McKinley Johnson